Who’s the Face of Your Company?

People are savvy – they can spot a canned photo in an instant. Canned photos are useful for companies because they’re a heck of a lot easier than hiring photographers. “Canned text” is much the same.

What would happen if your company had a real voice, a personality, a face? What would happen if that being was able to respond to the actual needs and feelings of your customers?

Today, sadly, many companies seem unreachable. They outsource customer service to other countries and cultures far removed from their own customers’ realities. Or they automate online, forcing customers to read through pages of forum posts to try to find the answers to their problems.

One easy way to differentiate your company from the rest is by finding that perfect spokesperson to deliver your message. To show you care. Whether it be your CEO, your staff expert, or your customer service team, they may need training and support.

Look around. Who’s the face of your company? And what story are they telling about you?