Lizard Tails



One day, when I had my front door open, a tiny lizard ran inside. On hands and knees, I managed to corner it in the closet, when to my surprise, it darted right under my skirt! I yelped and grabbed for it and took it outside. My husband came running to see what the fuss was about.

As it squirmed wildly in my nervously cupped hands, I noticed a spot of blood between my thumbs. “Oh, no!” I exclaimed, “I’ve hurt it!” Placing it carefully on the ground, I was shocked to see it was only the tail! My husband nearly fell over laughing. This was all new to me – I didn’t know that lizards can detach their tails.

I watched, mesmerized by the flailing tail, amazed at how long it kept on squirming – which was, after all, the point of it all. The lizard got away and lived to tell the tale.

Today, sometimes, I look at all the emails and social media noise that crams my life. Sometimes, I’m mesmerized by it. Sometimes, I think it’s like the lizard tail – much ado about nothing. I’m just not buying it.

But what you do is important. People are depending on you. Your communications need to cut through the clutter and reach those who care about your cause. Contact me – I can help.