Google is Helping to Make the World Accessible


Here’s a story of interest for nonprofits and causes trying to improve the quality of life through inclusion:

‘Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,’ the company boasts. Rio Akasaka says he wants to make sure that ‘even those with access needs’ benefit from this.

By day, Akasaka is a product manager on Google Drive, the cloud file-hosting service. But in his ‘20% time,’ the Boulder, Colorado resident is a product manager working on accessibility features for Google Maps. [The project maps accessibility of buildings for people using wheelchairs.]

The feature won’t just help people in wheelchairs, either. The product manager cites parents with prams, or people reliant on canes, as people who will benefit from more information about a building’s facilities.

Photo: Google; Article: Business Insider