Live with Intent, by Design

What does a poorly designed car or article of clothing mean to the purchaser? What does the design of a counter or the entrance of a building mean to someone using a wheelchair? How do people’s perceptions of someone with a disability change when the person is involved in designing their own environment? In 2015, […]


How will technology augment our capabilities in the future? John Hockenberry hosts an intriguing panel discussion with Luciano Floridi, John Donoghue, Gary Small and Rosalind Picard at the 2015 World Science Festival.

Seeing the Light

Seattle leaders recognized that significantly more street lights were out in poorer parts of the city, and this situation offered more opportunities for crime. The “process” for getting them fixed was through citizens’ complaints — a low-priority for the city, with barriers from citizens that include: lack of trust/hope in government, language/cultural barriers, etc. By […]

That’s What I’m Here For!

Sometimes, you just need a little support! A quick edit. Another set of eyes to review what’s been written. Or maybe you’re temporarily on overload. We’ve all been there. That’s what I’m here for.  

An Abundance Mindset

  I looked around the room. Here was a wonderful group of dedicated, passionate, compassionate people, all working for various nonprofits. Some organizations were big. Some small. Some national. Some local. Some stable. Some struggling. One woman made a comment about how unfair it was to have a big, national nonprofit competing with smaller, local […]

We’re in the Empathy Business!

I stormed into my boss’ office with the fundraising letter draft the new direct mail agency sent us. “No way!” I told her. “If you tell me we have to send out this letter, I’m handing in my resignation.” My boss was surprised. She thought I was the quiet type… I didn’t have to resign, […]

Blindness is a Different Way of Seeing

I write for several nonprofits that offer services for people who have lost their sight. I was intrigued by this video from a TEDx event. Dr. Lofti Merabet, an optometrist and member of the research faculty in the Vision Rehabilitation Service at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, spoke about our misperceptions about blindness and his fascinating […]

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Every once in awhile, a technological advancement comes along that is such a game-changer, it gives me chills. This qualifies. There are so many people throughout the world who are blind due to preventable causes. This smartphone attachment offers real hope. Take a good look: