Disability vs. Impairment

Most people aren’t aware of the term “ablism” and don’t realize what life is like from the perspective of someone who has a physical impairment. Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern have an interesting conversation about the difference between having an “impairment” (physical) and a disability (societal). When provided with accessibility (universal design, adaptive devices, elimination […]

I’m Speechless!

Nonprofits that advocate on behalf of people with disabilities struggle with changing the public’s misperceptions. The TV show Speechless seems to have found an answer. The show is funny, super smart, and engaging, but that’s not all. It nails so many misperceptions and sacred cows per episode, it’s truly hard to keep up. THIS IS […]

Navigating Language

In writing about disability, choice of words matters. There’s controversy here. There are differing opinions and evolving attitudes among various groups. That’s why I find it important to have direct interviews with people I write about. I take the maxim “Nothing about us without us” seriously. We are richer as a community when all voices […]

Change Communication

Communicating change can be challenging. The trick is to take the time to map out a plan. The best plan is one that takes your audience — whether it be staff, donors, or even board members — from where they are to where they need to be. Research — even just asking a few questions […]

Branding Bit by Bit

Branding isn’t something you do and then forget about. It’s an ongoing process. Who you are, what you stand for, your impact — these are things that should be part of every communication piece. These are the things that can be woven into every story about your organization — whether the story is told by […]

Communicating With Purpose

  I passed by this scene on my morning walk and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It reminded me of some writing projects I’ve been given, especially those that have been written by committee, where there’s just too much going on. Clear communication starts with the goal. It assumes the perspective of the reader […]

Creating Video on the Cheap

Nonprofits and small businesses often don’t have the resources to hire professional videographers to create video stories. But these days, there are many free or low-cost tools that can be used. The script is key. Once you have a good story, everything else can fall into place — even if your photos and footage have […]