Change Communication

Communicating change can be challenging. The trick is to take the time to map out a plan. The best plan is one that takes your audience — whether it be staff, donors, or even board members — from where they are to where they need to be. Research — even just asking a few questions […]

Branding Bit by Bit

Branding isn’t something you do and then forget about. It’s an ongoing process. Who you are, what you stand for, your impact — these are things that should be part of every communication piece. These are the things that can be woven into every story about your organization — whether the story is told by […]

That’s What I’m Here For!

Sometimes, you just need a little support! A quick edit. Another set of eyes to review what’s been written. Or maybe you’re temporarily on overload. We’ve all been there. That’s what I’m here for.  

An Abundance Mindset

  I looked around the room. Here was a wonderful group of dedicated, passionate, compassionate people, all working for various nonprofits. Some organizations were big. Some small. Some national. Some local. Some stable. Some struggling. One woman made a comment about how unfair it was to have a big, national nonprofit competing with smaller, local […]

Communicating With Purpose

  I passed by this scene on my morning walk and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It reminded me of some writing projects I’ve been given, especially those that have been written by committee, where there’s just too much going on. Clear communication starts with the goal. It assumes the perspective of the reader […]

We’re in the Empathy Business!

I stormed into my boss’ office with the fundraising letter draft the new direct mail agency sent us. “No way!” I told her. “If you tell me we have to send out this letter, I’m handing in my resignation.” My boss was surprised. She thought I was the quiet type… I didn’t have to resign, […]

Knowing How to Fall

I write for a number of nonprofits that offer services to people with disabilities. I’m always fascinated by people’s stories of learning how to adapt to difficult situations. There’s much for everyone to learn. The following is a beautiful story of a judo enthusiast. Enjoy! Knowing How To Fall from lonely cactus on Vimeo.

Blindness is a Different Way of Seeing

I write for several nonprofits that offer services for people who have lost their sight. I was intrigued by this video from a TEDx event. Dr. Lofti Merabet, an optometrist and member of the research faculty in the Vision Rehabilitation Service at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, spoke about our misperceptions about blindness and his fascinating […]

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Every once in awhile, a technological advancement comes along that is such a game-changer, it gives me chills. This qualifies. There are so many people throughout the world who are blind due to preventable causes. This smartphone attachment offers real hope. Take a good look:

Creating Video on the Cheap

Nonprofits and small businesses often don’t have the resources to hire professional videographers to create video stories. But these days, there are many free or low-cost tools that can be used. The script is key. Once you have a good story, everything else can fall into place — even if your photos and footage have […]

I am a Podcast Junkie

For many people, being involved in social media is synonymous with being on Facebook – sharing inspirational quotes, family photos, or cat videos with friends. But social media also provides other great opportunities for individuals and organizations. Consider podcasts… I love podcasts. In fact, I’ve been known to refer to myself as a “podcast junkie”. […]